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Tree transplanting service - Tree Relocation service CA - Northern California Tree Transplanting Service

Ancient Olive Trees - Olive Trees for Sale

We are a National tree transplanting service and a Northern California tree transplanting service and tree relocation service CA. Welcome, we're Nor Cal trees online. We specialize in on site tree moving, tree salvation and all Northern California large tree transplanting needs. We service your tree relocation to almost anywhere. Go to our "Get a quote" section of our website so that we may begin to meet your new tree, tree spading, tree boxing, on-site tree moving and tree salvaging needs. There is no CA tree transplanting service we will not consider or that is too big for us. In business since 1984 we have the experience to get the job done.

We also have ancient olive trees and mature olive trees for sale. Nor Cal Trees has a large selection of olive trees for sale with many other varieties such as Italian Cypress, Sycamore, Redwood and Palm trees. We provide guaranteed disease-free trees for Crane delivery in California, Nevada, Texas and have special deliveries all over the United States. We are your tree relocation specialists.

While ancient olive trees in Texas are rare just as mature olive trees are, we will provide these magnificent trees for crane delivery in Texas, Nevada and California. We provide special deliveries all over the United States as well. Nor Cal Trees Inc. is a mature tree sales and tree moving service providing many of the most popular varieties of disease-free trees.

Nor Cal Trees clients are some of the most diverse in the nation. We've provided some of the most beautiful mature olive trees from individual properties to well-known wineries, Disneyland, the Hearst Castle in McCloud and even the White House! Whatever your ancient olive tree needs,  mature tree needs or large tree transplanting or tree relocation needs may be we're ready and able to provide custom crane delivery to your location today. Give us a call at 530.244.6278 and let us serve all your tree transplanting needs today!